The White Kit-Kat Syndicate

Art by Akindele Akerejah

During the autumn holiday period of 2021 (In the “Year of Our Lord”), I decided to once again attend to the matter of solitude versus seasonal affective depression with my art production.

The themes of my work were based on anime, locality, post-pop art, product placement, and made a calling to support the Afro/People of Color local to the Southeast D.C. community. My work “Pescado Frito Con Papas Fritas” #FriedFishFanaticsHorace&Dickies, explores international crime syndicate-cartel allusions andethnic harmony, through the medium of healthy food love.

Art by Akindele Akerejah

The period of time between the last Thanksgiving, Channukah, Christmas, Kwaanza, and New Years’ Eve was prolific for me. During the holidays, I made use of Zebra colored pencils, markers as well as disposable Bic mechanical pencils and residual Sakura/ Cray-Pas oil. I also used some other studio build out items I purchased from the old 3200 block CVS store. By the end of spring of 2022, anno domini, I presented a 100 page hand drawn, written and painted full volume portfolio of my work to the editor-in-chief at Street Sense Media and they slowly began to roll out my work. The weekly edition ushered in a new journalistic projection of feline welfare advocacy. As we continue into the new year, I hope to expand the theme and impact of The Dopamine Clinic and The White Kit-Kat Syndicate.

Art by Akindele Akerejah

Editor’s Note: For the past year, we have been fortunate to have been able to run various art pieces from Akindele Akerejah’s portfolio in our newspaper. Our Sept. 26 edition featured one of his illustrations of a hand held Nikon camera on the cover. Some of my favorite pieces however, have been those featuring cats – all part of the greater #TheWhiteKit-KatSyndicate – meant to draw attention to animal welfare. Akerejah’s work often explores interesting and complex themes, from capitalism to identity politics and culture. You can find a more complete collection of his work on Street Sense Media’s main website at and The Dopamine Clinic at

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