The Two Pandas

Barbara Pollard

Two Pandas are having a major discussion with a visitor, wondering why they’re in the zoo.

“Why are we in a zoo?” asks one. “I have nothing against anybody. Do you have anything against me? How can you love me and put me in a zoo?”

“You say you love us so much – you adore us.” said the other. “But we’re still in an economic zoo. And we’re looking at you, just like you’re looking at us. And we adore you too.”

“There’s massive inequality in the distribution of wealth. But we love each other,” one said. “And the sky is so beautiful.”

“We’re free, inside of our souls,” the other replied. “The two of us in the zoo, still find love to share with you. So you can come visit us anytime, if you want to.”

We’re all in the zoo, we’re all in this together. Even though you love us behind bars, innocently – we still love you too. Open your mind and find love regardless of the bars. and you won’t be in a zoo anymore, economic, racial, religious, sexual or otherwise.

Everybody’s different, so what’s the difference?

When the pandas accepted you for not knowing that, roses popped out of their hearts. They began throwing them to everyone that came to see the baby panda that day. The zoo keepers came and let go, back to their natural environment. This was the beginning of the love world.

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