The Story of Bernie Dean: Part 2

In the last part, I described how Bernie Dean, Jr. grew up in Linden, NJ.
This next part might surprise the crowd who thinks of Bernie as incompetent. From a young age, his goal was nothing more than getting the best for his team, his classmates, his friends. When he was eight years old, he helped lead his team to a baseball championship as a pitcher. He also was point guard for his championship basketball team. He played right wing for his soccer team. In football, he played wide receiver, running back, quarterback and on occasions, kicker. In the park recreation summer sports program, he excelled at paddle tennis. He was also an artist and a writer, composing cartoons and plays.
He had friends among people of many races and nationalities, especially among Hispanics since he spoke Spanish fluently by age eight. Bernie had two great dads and luckily enough, three grandfathers and grandmothers. That is the ending of part two of this story of a young boy striving for excellence.
To be continued.

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