The Story of Bernard Dean: Part 3

In the second part of this story, I described how while growing up, Bernie Dean, Jr. became an expert at sports and art and made friends of many races and nationalities.
Tragedy hit when Bernie was 10 years old. He discovered he could not play Little League Football supposedly because of his mind-to-mind telekinesis powers that could cause people to get hurt in a sport allowing full contact.
As a result, growing like a regular boy was not allowed, but luckily, he played soccer and became pretty good. He was number one in the team and the team was number one in the league. All the players stood up with their parents when Bernie Dean came on to the field but Bernie was humble as he spoke to them, like any great team captain. Humbly he accepted the team championship, after already having captured honors in flag football, peewee fast-pitch baseball, basketball and park and rec tennis.
He was an all-around white-black boy with a Peruvian upbringing and a great family.
Tune in next time for Part 4. Should be interesting!

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