The Story of Bernard Dean Jr: Part 5

In the fourth part of this story, I described how while growing up, Bernie Dean, Jr. played soccer and track, competing against Jesse Owens, Jr. and Carl Lewis II, both of whom put obstacles in Bernie’s way when he tried to re-enter Catholic school.

So anyway, continuing on with the story, he lived on Roselle St. and Elizabeth Ave. in the fourth grade.  He went to public school for that year.  He played kickball and basketball when allowed.  He was only eight years old but played in the second year of the Police Athletic League as point guard number three on draft for the second year.  He won and took his team to win the championship around the time of baseball, but that’s another story or should I say another part.  He went on as kickball champ, football number one wide receiver, running back and quarterback on the I-formation off to the wide receiver and soccer.  Then he went on to graduate to the fifth grade with an A plus and a championship in football, baseball, soccer, basketball and two concerts.  Off to Catholic school again.  Finally, back to altar boy days and religion class.  As the summer began, Bernie took an extra non-obligatory summer school class to meet new girls.  Tune in to part six for the continuation of Catholic School.  Stay tuned.

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