The sacrificers

Two Black women, including Vanessa Fluker, stand in front of a white building.

Attorney Vanessa Fluker with advocate Rose Forrest. Photo by Angie Whitehurst

The sacrificers do not have to do
Take a look at who they are
No accolades are in order
Just say “Thank you.”

The first sacrificer: Vanessa Fluker.

The attorney stood outside the U.S. Department of Justice.

A local Detroit attorney with a rare form of blood cancer, Fluker traveled to D.C. to seek justice for decades of abuse for Detroit residents who are being plagued with systemic oppression and racism in housing practices resulting in the loss of property rights.

Fluker is a warrior and the people’s lawyer. She filed a complaint with the Department of Justice on Dec. 15. The complaint asks for an investigation into racist systemic practices in the areas of property owner and tenant rights in Michigan. Fluker came to D.C. even while suffering from a rare cancer that requires daily infusions, as she was determined to make sure the complaint was accepted and verified.

Fluker was told the only way to know the complaint was received was to bring it straight to D.C. Of course, the very nice security officers explained she must contact someone in the building to come and accept the documents.

Instead of submitting the original personally, Fluker held a press conference at the Constitution Avenue entrance. When asked about the impact on homeless people, she stated “The systemic racism caused and is the cause of homelessness.”

Vanessa Fluker is a sacrificer. She could have stayed home and focused on her own survival.
You never know who is going to help change the world. Fluker is also a minister. Do you think hope and spiritual prayers play a part in this?

Stay tuned as we follow what is happening with questionable housing practices in Detroit. Will the Department of Justice come to the aid of the residents in Detroit? Will Fluker’s sacrifice and action help lead to a legal precedent for the entire country?

Angie Whitehurst is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.

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