The Roller Coaster of My Life

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Well my loyal Street Sense readers, happy new issue to you all. As my loyal readers know, my life in the past years had more up and downs than the best roller coaster at Six Flags. Sometimes the people who claim to help you end up hurting you. The one friend who claimed to help me ended up stalking me, invading my privacy and causing me stress, paranoia and anxiety. He went through my phone, texted my friends in Los Angeles, and now they won’t speak to me anymore. This has put my idea of creating my own version of Street Sense, called The Boulevard, in Los Angeles in limbo.

The past few weeks have been especially difficult. On March 11, my purse was stolen in Dupont while selling Street Sense, just as I was finishing up for the day. I put my bag down for a second to take off my badge and my vest, and it was gone. My bag held my mobile phone, my Social Security card, my bank cards, my driver’s license, and all the cash I had from selling papers. Because I am currently without a permanent home, I have to carry all my important documents with me all the time. And when you are floating around, residence free, staying on friends’ couches, trying to get your cards and ID back is a total nightmare. First I had to go online to figure out how to get a new copy of my birth certificate. Since my wallet had been stolen, I had to sell some copies of Street Sense so I could buy a prepaid Visa card so that I could order my new birth certificate online. After I finally got the birth certificate, I had to go to the Social Security office to get a new copy of my card. I had to find friends who would be willing to let me use their mailing address so I could actually get a new card. Then I had to beg a friend to drive me to Pennsylvania so I could get a new driver’s license. And during all of this, I could not get Verizon to deactivate my stolen cell phone because I had no ID to prove that I was the person who owned the cell phone in the first place!

Then last week I was in the emergency room on Thursday and Friday after I stubbed my toe and it became infected. Then I was on antibiotics, which made me nauseous and unable to leave my house. So my loyal readers, I’m not doing too well these days. I’m sorry for complaining. Also, April 24th will be the 16th anniversary of my 21st birthday. So I’m kinda depressed right now. My furry little friend hasn’t been around in a while. We really missed you guys!

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