The one thing 

We all know to say prayers
We all know to say blessings
We all know to feel that way of love
It makes us stronger, spiritually gifted
And know we are all one with her
We all know togetherness, family, love
We understand where it is that came from
To some, it means presents, gifts, family
To some, it means gifts, family, food
I pray that we all know it, know why she gave us this
She was so strong and gave her son to us
He died for us on this day and he was risen for us
His birthday is June 29,
but we celebrate Christmas on December 25
We should all show love, we should all have fun
We should all know that it takes a village
We know it to be true, I feel it every day when I pray
She woke me up this morning to talk to her children
To tell them that it’s all going to be alright
We need each other in this world
For peace, for healing
We all need to worship and praise her name
Because she is worthy to be praised
I think she has always been there
Through my ups and downs, through my ins and outs
Giving guidance, light, showing me a better way
She woke me this morning to give you all a message
Everything will be fine, she is healing us as we speak
She knows your problems, she knows your worries,
and she is taking them away
Christmas, a day that we share
We all know why we do it
All religions, wherever you are
Muslim, Christian, Baptist or Catholic
If you don’t believe, she still loves you
Her image of us proves how strong we are
That love makes us all strong
Know that we all matter
To the big, to the skinny, to the Black, white
Know we matter, we all matter
We all love and we all share love
Never think that your world is bad
Believe your world is good
Peace, love, blessings
To Christ, I say happy birthday
He gave his life
So his death on a cross meant he mattered
And I say thank you
One day, Christmas

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