The month of June

Graphic by Bruna Costa

June brings hot weather. June brings summer and more humanity. This month brings Pride Month, Juneteenth, Father’s Day, Gun Violence Awareness Month, Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, National Immigrant Heritage Month, Best Friends Day, Fresh Veggies Day, National Camera Day, Great American Picnic Day, Ice Tea Day, Lobster Day, Flag Day, Hug Your Cat Day, National Corn on the Cob Day, National Seashell Day, National Bingo Day, National Onion Rings Day, International Fisherman Day and National Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Pools and cooling centers are also open this month. June is for gardening and planting and cutting your lawn. It is for admiring the flowers, the buzzing bees, the insects and the butterflies.

Birds chirp in the early morning hours. The sun rises early at around 5:45 a.m. and the sunsets late at around 8:30 p.m. The temperature changes at night. I’ve been hearing more crickets singing and seeing lightning bugs of all colors. They are so pretty when they glow in the dark. I’m also hoping to see more owls at night. I especially like the early chirping from our friendly bird friends that make beautiful sounding music.

It’s that time of year to keep your A/C running and to turn on your fans. It’s also the time to go visit the cooling centers to relax. It’s also a great time to go fishing, to catch and fry them. Cooking out and grilling this month brings so much to do. Enjoy the month of June. I will always remember growing up as a child enjoying those hot summer days with my family.

Here are some songs to inspire you this month:
“Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
“Summer Madness” by Kool & The Gang
“Chuck Baby” and “Block Party” by Chuck Brown
“Do Your Dance” by Rose Royce

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