The mask won’t save you

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F*** wearing a mask. Me having HIV is worse than the coronavirus. I cannot have a normal life. 

Some people are dying from it and some people are still alive from it. 

People that survive through having coronavirus do not have to tell people they had it. But when I meet someone that I want to pursue a dating situation with, I’m, “Hi, I am Darlesha. I have HIV.”

And some people with coronavirus can just go into quarantine, and as long as they don’t have any other complicating issues, they should come out of it a few weeks later and live normal lives. I cannot just quarantine. I can’t just wait it out. 

When you have HIV, you can’t go back to living your normal life. Everyday, people do not want you as a girlfriend because they feel you are going to infect them. You cannot breastfeed your child. 

People making six figures a year or non-minimum wage jobs — doctors, lawyers, etc — will not put life on the line for you. They analyze the whole situation like, “I went to school to become a [insert profession here]. Why should I put myself in jeopardy for you?”

So, Corona is worse than what I got? F*** no. I am not wearing a mask. 

With or without the mask, if God wants you to have the virus, you’re going to have that sh**. God knows your life before you are even born.

So like I said, corona’s worse than what I got? F*** no. I am not wearing a mask. With the mask or without the mask, if God want to have the f***ing coronavirus you going have that sh**. People are not God. God knows your life before you even born.

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