The lighted path

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When I awake, I always thank the good Lord for another blessed day. When I count my blessings, my sacred heart always sees that path of light because that’s how God is trying to reach me spiritually. 

When I go to sleep, no matter how much pain I go through with my arthritis, I still try to put my prayers in for that day. Though, sometimes I may forget because of being so tired and living alone at my apartment with all of these responsibilities. I always try to explain this to my family, but at times they don’t seem to understand. 

However, I know deep down in my heart and soul that God knows what I am going through, because he is a big part of my journey down here on Earth. No matter how many ups and downs I have been through, God has been there for me, and I thank Him for that.  

I also thank Him for helping me through my health situations and my mental situations. I will always thank God for blessing me with a nice apartment and guiding me from being homeless again after more than 28 years of that journey. I will always stay in that lighted path of the Lord. May God Bless us All! Amen.  

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