The Ginn, pt 1

Ginn: You won’t ever amount to nothin’! Look at you. You can’t even get to your kids for the holidays. Nor even give them gifts. You are a worthless good for nothing creation of a man. You don’t even have a decent phone to call them (kids) or send pics of you and they of them. The Ginn laughs and plays.

The sky rains sadness over his head. He’d cross everyone he knew while possessed by the Ginn, tricked into closets of the dead. The Ginn giggles, laughs and says. “death around the corner, hell awaits your eternal grave. Frowns upon your creator’s face: father’s waste of a son, mother’s disgrace.” The Ginn laughed and plays.

Ginn: You’re dying slow – look at you!! Look in the mirror boney face. Drug free but constantly losing weight, negative on your HIV tests. The Ginn laughed and said I’ll meet you at the gates of hell, bound your fate.

He’s waiting for my soul.

Ginn: What a healthy plate!! Remember when your pops would spit and pulverise your face? No need to cry, wipe those tears away. God doesn’t love you, your soul has been forsaken. This life will be of no fun. The Ginn laughs and plays.

He felt more and more depressed, on his knees he repents to God himself. “Please lighten these burdens off of my chest.”

Angel: Please Lord, that poor child of Adam, he tries his best. God you have to open your eyes and ears! This is the song the Angel always sings.

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Angel: Then you can see Him and God will tell you: repent and pray. What you can’t change, give to Him. He’ll lighten your pain. Believe in Him and work hard for better change, and things will be okay. That’s the song the Angel will sing.

Will I ever see my children’s faces? Are my sins that great, thou shalt take away bone of my flesh, that shall be my fate? As the Ginn laughs and plays, the angel on the right would chant a praise…

Angel: With faith in the divine, blessings shall be upon and your pain shall pass along. Strive for good and right and what you pray for shall come to light. For those who are sincere in mind, spirit and heart, poor child of Adam – please don’t cry. I also pray for your soul to the Most High. He does forgive the sinners over his watchful eye.
But the Ginn felt more and more energized from the questions I was saying. He laughed and played to say…

Ginn: If God is going to forgive you, then why do you live where you stay, dressed the way you dress, what an ugly face. People don’t want you around – never had a real friend just to say. Everyone you knew crossed you for their own personal sake. Your kids don’t love you (no one loves you) the Demon giggles to say!!!

(to be continued)

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