The First Day of Spring

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Spring starts on March 20. Winter is gone, spring is here, flowers blossoming everywhere. Grass honing green growing becoming stronger, fruits becoming sweeter, animals coming and enjoying the weather, eating plants and other animals, too. Spring is great, you know, you get to see the trees grow and see the weather getting warmer, too. You can even stop wearing jackets and start wearing sweaters and light jackets. Sometimes people call spring “the sick season just because the flowers are blossoming and pollen is coming in the air,” but it’s understandable because of the allergies. Spring describes plants and trees and things that you grow from the ground. Well, I love spring but it’s not my favorite season. The reason I like spring is because you get to see the sun moan and it will get warmer. Spring is very fun and enjoyable because you can do almost anything in this time. Spring is full of green because it represents the planet Earth. Spring can also represent Earth Day because more green will be able to recycle and do things like that. Spring helps but it can also help animals with their habitats and their food relationships.

Spring not only helps, but sometimes it kills. It can cause damage because pollen is something that can give people problems because of flowers, and sometimes it can kill germs and bacteria because of the weather. But sometimes it can bring bacteria also because of the pollen in the air. This is what I believe Spring is about.

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