The Faces of All Times

Photograph showing the flag of the US with an air jet / Max Pixel

I look into this child’s dark, dark, almost black blue eyes  

With that tear rolling down the side of her face  

A nation of shame, will we ever be the same after the selfie? 

Look at me, what a beautiful thing to see  

The faces of justice standing tall  

Right before the fall from grace  

From the face that says he will make you great again  

With no one to hate again  

The faces at the gate again, climbing the walls of hate again  

The First Lady the face of a country divided again  

And when will we face the truth of who we are again? 

Sad, sad faces behind the laugh, before you cry again  

The faces of the young people who have not yet tried again  

The faces of the old lie again and again 

Why my face is in my hand again 

Looking out to Heaven’s hell again  

Nothing’s wrong with the picture of that face  

Focus attitude commitment to Your Excellence, the words of F.A.C.E

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