The Drugs

The truth could make you cry
Every decade something new comes along
To get you drunk or make you high

The bootleg liquor of World Wars I and II
The heroin the mob sold
And the crack babies of the ‘80s
Killing our children’s minds in the mother’s womb

The murder capital of the world
And the ‘90s was a sad sad time
With a lot of childhood friends
and other Black men who died

The first decade of the 2000’s
Brought us nothing new
But the same old methods
They used to keep killing you

Now we have this sh** called K2
And all the pharmaceuticals you want to use
It’s all set up for you to lose

The police coming into our homes
And our communities
To work the thought to kill us
That’s what they do, it’s true

How do we get back
To the good ways of the motherland?
And take these drugs and guns
Out of our communities’ hands?

The devil has a plan
So, too, do we need a plan
That will give us a chance to stand
To rebound and rebuild our families
And pray that the Lord forgives us

The Lord’s grace and mercy
Are found on one’s knees
Remember what Brother Malcolm taught us:
Anyone can be a believer
But brotherhood and education
are the only way to God’s Paradise

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