The Capitol

I was told when I was in the nursing home that I would get a visit to the United States Capitol when I got out. My friend Robert did stick to his word. That’s who got me in. 

After getting out of the nursing home, I went to So Others Might Eat and they got me a room to rent. My friend Melissa did all the paperwork to help me get into a facility.

After being in my new home for a few months, I was escorted to the Capitol with my lady friend and her 12-year-old son. We went in a government truck. It felt like I was goin’ to prison. But I knew I was free.

We got out of the truck, and as we arrived to go inside the Capitol, there was a big smile on my face. Honestly, I toured the whole Capitol, walking, even in the handicapped condition I’m in. I wanted to prove to my lady friend that I could walk the whole Capitol.

I really enjoyed that day. We even toured the newsroom and where they make decisions. The kid on his own said, “I think the Congress should come together.” He thought to say that by himself.

I wanted to go because it’s history for me and I might not get to go to it again. The Capitol made an impression on me when I first came to D.C. after Katrina hit New Orleans. I wrote my book “Still Standing” about that crazy time.

My next big dream is to get a tour of the White House!

With my new home, I don’t have to look back on no one puttin’ me out, no one tellin’ me to pay the rent — it’s all on me now. I have my new place and God knows I’m so happy to have it. No more sleepin’ out. It’s all about sleepin’ in. I feel good every mornin’ I wake up in my place.

This goes out to all my homeless friends. Take it one day at a time. Please believe me it can happen for you, just like it happened for me.

I like to thank everyone who helped me through this situation and everyone who donated stuff for my new home. And thank all my customers. Mainly, I thank Melissa for all her hard work to keep me from bein’ on the street.

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