The blame game

The district government constantly complains it doesn’t have money for this and that when it comes to the homeless, who are still on the streets or experiencing other horrific living conditions.

Two weeks ago I visited an organization to meet with staff members I hadn’t seen since before the coronavirus pandemic. I’ve been too busy doing tasks as per the contract that I’m supposed to follow while living in the organization’s building, which is rife with roaches, mice and other vermin. 

As I was talking with the staff member about my difficult living situation, she said I “need to be grateful” because I have a roof over my head. Seriously? I was grateful I had a tent over my head and I didn’t need to deal with rats, mice or roaches. And it was rent-free!

For more than 40 years, I’ve paid rent and mortgages without the blink of an eye. No big deal. But, I don’t need to live in filth just because I was once homeless. When I paid a mortgage, it was for my home. I didn’t have rats, mice and roaches inside it. Now, all I do is pay out toward an escrow. 

Owners, property managers and renters all have jobs to do. I have done what I’m required to do when living in Permanent Supportive Housing. But neither management nor the owners do what they’re supposed to do other and both just blame “the other.”

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