Did you know that a disproportionate number of Muslims give food, clothes, and jobs? I want to see a lot more giving to homeless and struggling mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, foster parents, and anybody showing love for kids, the elderly, etc. 

The talk about giving this time of year helps you get focused on the love, being grateful, knowing where your blessings come from, etc. I need to know where the love comes from. You need to dig deep and keep going, to bring out the truth in your soul. How can I do nothing but grow? Put the work in and you will receive back the blessing. 

Having a support system means the world when you’re going through something, trying to just have a regular, balanced life. I’m motivated for the holidays and seeing my family. Tell your family you love them, your friends, too. 

Being thankful goes a long way. Being humble, most of all. That’s the balance: I never want to be self-centered, because you lose focus and sight of what your personal goals are. Come from the heart and it will be so easy to be honest in your endeavors. 

I plan on giving away gloves, hats, socks, hand warmers, etc, because someone helped me when I didn’t have a place to go, food to eat, or just shared some kind words. I didn’t yet have a case manager with Street Sense Media, or any other nonprofit organization. 

I believe in the circle of blessings: it entails blessings you put in for others. Sometimes you get back double or more. Helping an old person across the street, holding the door, or nice words go a long way. I’m thankful for Thanksgiving and family and friends during the holiday. Remember to tell them you love them. 

Thanks for your support and encouragement from my regulars. I pray you have a nice holiday and your family see you and hug you — for some it will be the first time in 18 months. God bless. 

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.