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A day of thanks, a day of grace, and a day to share with friends, siblings
and loved ones.
To cherish a meal full of joy and thanks, along with gladness.
To give and to receive those who are less fortunate during Thanksgiving.
Showing our love to those who are homeless,
Thanking the churches and the food pantries for providing food to those
in need,
What great joy and love is in their hearts, to share a moment
So sweet and gracefully.
To receive the greatest gift, a meal each year at Thanksgiving.
A day of thanksgiving, with lots of turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes,
greens, string beans
Rolls, biscuits, cranberry sauce, favorite drinks.
A day to share and remember.
Remember those who have nothing, who are hungry.
Now they’re able to receive a blessing.
So sweet and wonderful.
Let’s give thanks to all those around the world.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone around the world.

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