Thanks and gratitude

I want to give thanks and gratitude to God for letting me live to see another day. I thank him

for every new day. As a senior adult who is in my late 50s, I am thankful to have experienced the trials and pressures of life. I have learned to appreciate the good and the bad because I have learned from both.

I have gratitude due to the fact that I’m still in my right state of mind. I still at times go through stressful situations but I don’t let them break me. I thank God for my health and well-being. I have thanks and gratitude that I still have my housing and I am working on eating a good, nutritional diet. There are many other things that inspire gratitude. I am thankful for having good and positive people in my life. In the midst of tough times, we can still find many ways to give thanks and gratitude.


My name is Latishia Wynn. I have so much to be thankful for. This Thanksgiving was nice and I am grateful to see another birthday. This December will be calm, filled with faith. God-willing, I’ll see another year. So, I give thanks to all my family and friends. I am happy to say I am blessed.

I am going to be a grandmother. My daughter Joy Wynn is having a girl, coming due in March. I thank you, Jesus!

—BY LATISHIA WYNN, Artist/Vendor

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