Thank You to the Readers and Staff of Street Sense

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Kenneth Belkosky.

This is a story to say thanks to all the readers and staff of the paper. I was voted vendor of the month for August. I could not have done it had it not been for the readers and staff support. I do try my best in all I do. I even sometimes walk from Virginia to D.C. when the new issues come out to help unload them. I know from reading the Sept. 1 issue that I do a lot of walking! I did hear from a lot of readers that so many of you are concerned about my health, but I am doing very well. The walks help me a lot.  

I am sorry that I have not written anything in a while. I promise that as soon I get better housing, I will write more stories. I plan to write on how bad the mental health system is here in D.C. Like I said at the top of this story, thank you. 

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