Technology and Our Future, Part 1

A Black man in a black shirt takes a picture with his dog.

Reginald Scott with his dog. Photo courtesy of Reginald Scott

Well, first and foremost, my name is Reginald Scott, a changed returning citizen who has been emancipated from a long hard bid of 20 years. 

I’ve been progressing from the time upon my entry into this world of technology, which is applying a steep hindrance toward me progressing into the future, as technology is our future. Albeit, I am like a newborn babe needing such succor and nourishment to move toward that future. 

I secretly ask myself, “Why would technology be of such corruption, seeking the advancement of the technology which is the stepping stone of our future?

I currently experience such corruption in reference to the current iteration of future technology. I went on a dating app, applying my all trying to find me a real dame with the inner nature of a goddess to become my wife. But I was hacked, which ruined it all: my friendships, family, finances, and progression. It had me feeling I was subjugated amongst failure all in one. 

I’ve done all that I can for such advancement toward the future. I then recognized how far technology has really gone; Ergo, could it be that the technology is being captured throughout the hand down for the world as well as capturing the world with its corruption, all in one?  To the point that human beings should not remain at the “life-living” level but should advance to the “living-life” level.

If so, may we all as human beings awake and rise to succoring others, not just for their advancement but for the world’s advancement, so that there comes a point in time where no human being is left behind at the life-living level and every human being will be at the level of living life amongst our future technology.

All to say, ”Each one, teach one” is a must, as all human beings must face the technology for our future and its influence on our levels of living life rather than only life-living. Ergo, question yourself as I do. Ask yourself, “Why would technology be created for human beings to advance to the future levels of living life but also apply such hindrances to keep human beings at the life-living level in the future?”

To be continued. This is the first part of a trilogy.

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