Taking back my power

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In my life, I have learned the importance of healing inherited trauma. My healing process is releasing what no longer serves me, the emotional attachment to the trauma that has caused havoc throughout my growth process. I have so many inherited teachings swarming my mind like buzzing bees. 

Unlearning taught behavior is a long process of shredding away the cords of friction. I’ve grown to acknowledge my self-worth is expressing who I am. My voice is important and my family no longer controls my wellbeing and my mental health. No one will have power over me and what I say goes. I control my life. That is my freedom. 

I am grounded in Mother Earth. My roots lie there with the trees. My new roots are no longer embedded in unbalanced trauma that has disrupted my chi expressing love freely without feeling like my heart is a curse. The trauma no longer has control. 

My voice is published here in Street Sense, which is healing a part of my childhood trauma. I used to be mute as a child. In later years I went to speech therapy learning to say my R’s and S’s. I also stuttered a bit. The reasons for not speaking were trauma and abusive submission to keep secrets. 

All my life I’ve been told to be quiet, to shut up, to not tell anyone anything. I advocate for the right way of life moving forward into healthy wellness. Wellness is being accountable for how I receive human behavior and how to process my growth in the present moment. 

I’m grateful for Street Sense publishing me. I can thank the stalker who gave me the courage to remove myself from a harmful life. Even though it has been a rough start addressing the matter of intentional behavior not of my doing, I can breathe and let go of the past chaos. I am taking back my power!

Invisible Prophet is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media. 

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