Summer began June 21 with 90 degree weather and many special treats to savor. School’s out, summer vacation begins. Summer trips, summer camps. Going out walking in the sun on hot sand. Eating lunch in the park, going to Six Flags, the Wonder Rides of summer. Going to the zoo, watching all the animals. Drinking cold drinks and eating ice cream, snow cones. Enjoying the beautiful walk at the zoo with beautiful trees, birds singing, squirrels free and enjoying themselves, all nature’s finest.
In summer, be cool under an air conditioner. Summer means dressing very light, eating light salads and fruits or enjoying a barbecue of hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs and cold sandwiches. Going swimming and enjoying the summer breeze. Summer lasts three months. Then in mid-September fall begins. So have a wonderful and safe summer, keeping all pets cool in the house and keeping yourself cool, too.

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