Street Sense Media is in a pickle

Hello, readers. Thank you for supporting me as you have purchased and are now reading this edition of Street Sense. You may know that the fate of Street Sense Media is on the mind of many today. However, I wanted to write and thank the board of directors with my whole heart. I’ve written this acrostic poem to thank them.

B = Body of caring individuals
O = Open to suggestions
A = Admired by their vendors
R = Ready to meet with us if need be
D = Determined to keep this publication going
O = Outstanding, each and every one of them
F = Friendly, always
D = Decisive group of people
I = Invincible
R = Resilient
E = Empathetic
C = Consistent
T = Takes responsibility
O = Optimistic
R = Reliable
S = Sincere

Street Sense Media is in a pickle. Please all, will you donate your every nickel? Street Sense Media is in a little bind. Please all, will you donate your every dime? As the board of directors meet, drinking bottles of spring water, they’re asking, will you donate your every quarter?

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