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Street Sense Media is a nonprofit business. Like many others, it goes up and down. Yet, through it all, we remain the only street paper in the District.

Last month we returned to biweekly publication, the frequency at which we operated until we went weekly in April 2021. I know the board of directors did its homework before making this decision. The new schedule means we vendors will have to work differently, and probably harder, to maintain our status and visibility. I think part of our success is due to classes at our office that help us vendors demonstrate what we want and need.

I have been a Street Sense vendor since 2018. In those five years I have learned how to express myself, how to respect myself and how to concentrate on being the best person I know how to be. The paper’s staff has taught me social skills and how to better myself.

I may have to use these techniques differently because of going biweekly. If so, I will do that because I don’t want the paper to fold. I will continue getting the word out about how Street Sense Media helps so many people and about the important issues and topics we cover.

I need Street Sense for my income and my well-being!

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