Street Sense

I was living on the streets, holding on to my sense, and bumped into Street Sense

I’m glad I didn’t leave, I was talked into staying, and Street Sense gives me a sense of


I can do anything I want to do, but Street Sense is where I want to learn, what I’m

supposed to do

just because people who work here haven’t experienced some of the things a lot of the vendors go through doesn’t mean they don’t understand

I personally don’t want anyone to go through some of the things I have been through,

when life kicks your ass you don’t kick someone else — you learn, well, you’re supposed to

nothing or no one person is perfect

perfect is not even something you can portray yourself to be

every day is an adventure, I have good teachers in my life, and right now, I smile every day no matter what, I have enough for me and you, the force is strong in this one

by that I mean my faith

I’m learning I have so much to give

this is just what I need, I have always been a people person, helper, go-getter, teacher, and willing to learn, and I have a tendency to forget about myself sometimes

sometimes I want to be selfish, to see what it’s like, let me tell you it’s not in me

this is another reason my Street Sense family works out for me

forgiveness is in the air

I really hope they don’t ever file for divorce, I will never sign those papers, this is survival of the fittest, and I’m strong

so I will survive

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