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Photo of an open notepad with two pens laying on top. One ben is red with plaid stripes and the other is blue with polka dots.

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I’m a writer at heart, and I like the fact that I can come to Street Sense and write. I have a lot of positivity with me, or shall I say “within me.” And, I love to express myself in writing. Thank you, Street Sense, for letting me express myself. In a way, the city tries hard not to see me. I love y’all anyway.

But, I really feal that I’m not very good at people a proper salesman. I don’t really like dealing with people. I just like to write. That’s just me. I’m a writer. I really want to get into writing books and screenplays. I don’t really like writing about a bunch of ghetto, hood stuff because God has blessed me to live through a lot of life’s obstacles and I’m grateful. Now, I’m looking for a 9 to 5 job, but not just any job. I really fell as thought that should be everyone’s mindset.  As far as writing for the paper, I love doing that.

I’m a writer, but not just any writer. I like to write about the good things in life, and I’m sure life appreciates that. I’m not looking to air life’s dirty laundry out, then expect her to treat me kindly. “Life don’t walk like that.” And that’s why I love writing self-empowering stuff. I like to write about the beauties of life, the lessons she bestows upon me, and how I overcome her obstacles.

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