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Rain, rain, please go away. The Bible says that everytime it rains it is a cleansing. In psychology books, authors claim that everytime it rains people with extreme mental health issues are on watch for suicidal tendency. Sounds pretty scary to me, but as I try to obey God’s rules I shouldn’t worry about the rain. Now that I’ve been in my own apartment for the past four months, I’ve learned how much more expensive everything has gotten during the three years I was living in and out of shelters. I can’t believe detergent has shot up to $6 more than it cost three years ago. I just can’t see myself buying $12 to $13 of soap so I can have clean clothes. I go into Safeway, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, or Giant and try to buy food on sale. When I buy a sweet onion, I want it to be sweet at the price for $1.99/lb. I think farmers might be picking food too quickly thinking it will ripen and taste good once it reaches the shelves of the supermarket. Or it could be that the heavy storms we’ve had all over the nation are making our food weaker in taste. I don’t really know what it is, but I do know that merchants have heard my and other customers’ complaints about food quality; the price of sweet onions, yellow onions, sweet yams, watermelons ($3.99 ea) should be $1 because they taste like water and the fruit doesn’t taste like the particular fruit it is supposed to be. I have yet to taste a grape the way a grape should taste. But, merchants want to charge $4.99/lb for tasteless grapes. Maybe next year there will be a better crop of fruit and we won’t have so much rain.

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