Something About Chino! (Part 1)

Chino working on comic

Allen Hoorn

This story begins about a lonely, but overpopulated man and his life.

People know him as Chino! He is a guy of many passions and desires. At 41 years old, he is still energetic, and full of life. He plays all sports: football, baseball, basketball, racquetball, soccer, etc. He is in Washington, D.C. on a venture to recover property of his from the U.S. Navy and the U.S. copyright offices. He wrote five books: titled, “Big Conflict: East vs.West,” “Hoodlum,” “Big Conflict 2,” “Hoodlum 2: The Hoodlum Tries,” and “Mixed Emotions.”

When he started writing, he was incarcerated: Kitsap County Jail, Sheldon Corrections Center, Cedar Crack Corrections Center and last but not least Coyote Ridge Correctional Center. He decided to put together his future since he was locked up wrongfully at 18 years old and 19 years old.

Chino graduated from Linden High school in 1991, as valedictorian and JROTC. C-Net award winner and honor cadet award winner. He was in navy JROTC, highly decorated ensign 26 to 28 ribbons, 14 to 15 medals. When he left for naval boot camp June 27, 1991 until August 28, 1991, for the first four weeks he was RPOC (Recruit Petty Officer in Charge), then Squad Leader.

September 25, he left for Great Lakes, Illinois — for Corps school (almost like nurses). At Corps school, I qualified CPR, triage, vitals. Then wrongfully discharged from Corps school, off to Bremerton, WA to board the USS Camden AOE-2 in stream division, the boatswain bracket.

When he first got there November 8,1991, a few sailors mentioned to him about 1st Lieutenants Division, like street sweepers. Or he could sign up with Naval intelligence as an informant. So he went with that to get out of First Lieutenants Div(ision). But also because he had a copyright issue pending!

Chino’s Grandfather claimed to have created the Bugs Bunny Cartoons, and to own Warner Brothers. He was featured years ago on the John Wayne “the Duke.” Tom Anthony Bike and my grand uncle (my grandmother’s brother Tom Anthony Biddle) were both featured with their wives! My grandmother, Linda Ann Biddle and Grand Aunt Linda Ann Biddle. When he was 4 and 5, Chino used to go to his grandfather’s house.

Through research and be schooling, he found out he was a prince. But not just any prince — a descendent prince of all prince’s on the planet, equipped with special mental weaponry.

This could earn him a lordship.

So in school, he would to be an A student — which is why he is so confused how he didn’t receive an educational Heismann in New Jersey or nationally. But, he also finished high school soccer 19th in the state and number one on the field for overall player and goal-scorer. Fourth in the counties. He hoping to address the new, now Wendy-Heismann, committee to maybe

receive the Heismann and back-pay for his high school years (September 5, 1986 to June 24, 1991). Then Chino’s homelessness will stop.

Hopefully, this year will be Chino’s year. He is Vendor #132, creator of Klever’s Comic’s on page 10. He sleeps and works on 12th and G Streets (by the Marriott, first bench next to the elevator, at Metro Center). Even if he’s asleep you can donate any hour of the day, especially for a tooth fairy or Easter bunny wake up (a big donation). Hopefully, this year, Chino can count on mail-in donation. Any denomination and 100 percent tax deductible! So hopefully, I can count on you, Great Washington D.C. (and Washington D.C. area) for your support.

That’s the end of Part 1, Something about Chino!.

Thought for the day: Always remember no one knows another one’s path or passage so never presume, predict, or judge in any scenario.

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