So Yeah

Good new issue to you, my loyal Street Sense readers. I know many of you saw “Yeah, so I hate” in the last issue. I’m not sorry for using the word “hate.” I don’t hate Street Sense. The newspaper helps many people. Heck, I want to start one in Los Angeles.

What I hate is the fact that people have to be “residence free,” a term I made up trying to make light of a very stressful situation. I’m not homeless, I’m just “residence free.”

It frustrates me — no, please forgive my French, but it f—ing pisses me off. No, I don’t expect the government to take care of us. I know that’s a view that is not shared by many of my fellow vendors. I don’t hate shelters, I simply hate that they have to exist. No child, woman or person should have to be in one because of domestic violence, illness or natural disasters. Yes, this includes pets as well.

It becomes a challenge for a residence-free person to find a job when you have to take all your possessions to every job interview or to work with you. I couldn’t get a job bartending or at Macy’s due to the curfew. That is a real problem with shelters.

I would like to thank three vendors who will remain nameless. However, if you read the paper, you know who you are. First, for a woman who has a scooter and writes about her cats. I did animal rescues, and I believe in animal therapy. Regardless of some personal feelings, I would like to see pictures of your babies. That may be a gift or a start for a new friendship.

Second, to the gentleman who wrote about his two daughters: Wow, I am so impressed. You are a true man. I am really sorry for reacting the way I did when we first met. Your girls are very lucky to have you in their life. A cat and a dog can get along.

Third, but not least, for the first person I met selling Street Sense, thank you for listening to me. I will always remember the kindness you showed me at the first Writers’ Group I attended. I am very proud to have a friend like you in my life. When you shared your personal challenges in your life, I was impressed by what you have overcome. I hope your book makes a lot of money and fame. However, I’m still not voting for you. But for real, good luck to you. We will do lunch if I make it to LA, babe.

So yes, in closing, I don’t hate any of you. OK, maybe I do hate the Metro when the escalators are shut down and I have to carry a bundle of papers.

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