So, I Write.

So, why should I write these words as I always do?
Mostly for the love of the Lord and you.
I love to write my words
for that word called peace,
happily you may know
before your days go.
Oh, I write my words for those I hate,
who stand against that which is just.
The Lord commands that I stand.

Sometimes I write a line to remember back in time.
Or I just write to say how beautiful are the Lord’s days.
The moon, the stars, the sun,
All created by one.
And if I have to write about life and death,
there is guilt within myself.
But the words always come back to love.
And I write to say:
Stay in the human race,
the Lord’s human race,
to see who is best in doing good deeds.

So, I write that one may see
and know
a little bit about me.
So, I write.

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