So broke 

Graphic by Bruna Costa

I miss your smile
I miss your smell
I miss your presence
I miss our love spell…

I regret writing that email
I regret the day that I pressed send
I regret the words that made you turn in…

Turn in our love story
Have you turned the page?
Turn in my keys
The key to my heart
Return them BACK…

BACK to me
BACK to my heart
BACK to the middle
Of our start
Not the end
For the end
So BROKE my heart

I miss you, Quincy
I’m sorry for what I said
Please don’t leave me
I’ve been waiting for your response
But you have disappeared instead

This disappearing act
Feels like you are dead
Is this all because
I ran out of bread?
I’m so BROKEn inside
And outside too

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