Slippery Slope: Aeisha is having a baby 

Zuri just got off work. She is a stripper, who does lap dances in a club called Sin, just outside of East Baltimore. Her stage name is Fantasy; she is biracial with bronze skin. She can pass for white or Latino.

Zuri has a 12 year old daughter named Aesha. Being tired, she’s not worried about the commotion. Her instinct is to see if her daughter is ok.

She opens the door, no one’s home. It is 3 a.m. in East Baltimore, and Aeisha is not in bed. Zuri believes Aesha’s staying with her cousin, Dimika.  But when Zuri opens her bedroom, it is as if a sledgehammer hit her.

A funny smelling scent hits her face. She looks. On the floor, there’s a box of condoms, and her sheets are ruffled.

This pain is indescribable for Zuri – to know her daughter lost her virginity in a crappy apartment in East Baltimore is heartbreaking.

Later that night, the door opens. Aesha tries to tiptoe past Zuri, when she says, “where the hell you been?” Aesha tries to lie. She says she was over at her cousin’s house. She smells like weed.

“My daughter’s a hoochie momma,” Zuri says. “Who the man you running with, Ho Rita?” “

“Who are you to lecture anyone about men? I know what you do! I’m teased in school because you come to pick me up half-naked and all the guys just stare at your short shorts,” Aeshia yells back.

Zuri is too tired to fuss with Aeisha. She goes to sleep. It’s early morning, the sun’s out. Everyone is either heading for school or off to work.

Zuri is making breakfast when Aeshi’s cousin Dimika knocks on the door.  Tamika and Aeshi are dancing to Lil Wu’s latest.

Zuri can’t help but join in with her daughter in doing the Wu Wu. They were having so much fun Aesha almost missed her bus.

While Zuri believed her daughter was getting a quality education, she knew she was being indoctrinated.

Although Aesha is a great student, she isn’t reading the classics or learning about Einstein. She isn’t playing instruments or learning theater or the arts.

Instead, she is learning about racism, feminism, and sex.

Hearing about condoms and birth control made Aeisha curious about sex. She never thought about boys before her teachers brought up the subject in school. Not long after, however, Aeshia becomes pregnant and is forced to deal with a situation no 12 year old should ever endure. She decides to have the baby.



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