Sheltering the soul: Housing as a human right

Graphic by Bruna Costa

In the shadows of our cities, ‘neath the starry sky so vast,
Lies a tale of silent suffering, a crisis unsurpassed.
Where hearts, burdened and broken, seek shelter from the cold,
The call for housing as a right, a story to be told.
Homelessness, a haunting specter, grips our world in fear,
But within its bleak darkness, there’s a truth we all must hear.
A home, not just a shelter, is a human birthright, they say,
A sanctuary from the storms, where hope can find its way.
For in the heart of every soul, there lies a burning ember,
A longing for security, a place to rest, remember.
In the tapestry of life, each thread deserves its place,
A space where dreams can flourish, where dignity we embrace.
Imagine a world where no one sleeps out in the cold,
Where no child faces hunger, where stories of despair grow old.
A place where compassion reigns, and judgment finds no room,
A world where love and empathy dispel the gathering gloom.
Let’s build not just with bricks and beams, but with compassion’s grace,
A bridge from despair to hope, a smile on every face.
Housing is a human right, a truth we must defend,
To heal the wounds of homelessness, and let love’s light extend.
In shelters and on sidewalks, in alleys dark and deep,
Resides the strength of human will, a promise we must keep.
Together we can change the world, ignite a shining light,
Housing is a human right, a beacon in the night.
So let us stand as one, hand in hand, and take the lead,
To ensure that every soul finds a safe and nurturing deed.
In this poetic call to arms, in every word we write,
Let’s champion housing as a right and end the homeless plight.

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.