Service Spotlight: Transitional Housing Corporation (THC)

Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Walkers support THC.

Founded in 1990 as a faith-based homeless services organization, THC, or Transitional Housing Corporation has grown into a major Episcopal housing agency. They help families overcome homelessness by providing transitional housing and helping parents find the jobs or skills they need to move toward self sufficiency. THC is currently serving over three hundred families through its housing programs and supportive services.

Beyond housing, THC also offers enrichment fitness, art and tutoring programs to homeless and at-risk youth. These programs serve to engage children in physical activity, promote child literacy, and introduce children to visual arts. In addition, THC provides employment training and counseling, substance abuse counseling, and child abuse prevention programs. The many services are geared toward helping families move from homelessness to stability and independence.

THC locations may be found in both Ward 4 (935 Kennedy St, NW
/ 4506 Georgia Ave, NW) and Ward
7 (342 37th St, SE). Hours will vary for each program; more information
can be found at

Issues |Addiction|Art|Health, Mental|Lifestyle|Youth

Region |Washington DC

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