Seeking equality

For years, women have been fighting to have a voice in business and politics. Yet in 2023, we are still hitting glass ceilings.

Some women have found success in businesses such as Mary Kay, a multi-level marketing company I formerly worked with. The business is named after Mary Kay Ash, a white woman who founded the company during a time when discrimination against women was severe. Even as she worked just as hard as long as her male counterparts, she was paid considerably less for many years.

Her frustration led to the establishment of this company. Over the years, it became a very successful firm. 

Race is not the only form of discrimination out there. Plenty of people are discriminated against due to their gender, regardless of their ethnicity. Plenty of statistics still support that gender impacts how much money a woman makes and how many barriers they face while advancing in business and politics. 

Women are more than capable of multi-tasking and responsibly leading nonprofits, fortune 500 companies and addressing economic, political and social challenges in society.

Women must continue to remain steadfast and determined to achieve their goals. As a woman, I have faced a plethora of challenges in recent years. Yet, I always turn to my own  gratitude list, reassure myself with positive affirmations and read scripture aiming for future happier times. I always keep my eye on my goals and never, ever accept defeat.

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