Save our youth

Graphic by Bruna Costa

Do you know what our greatest resource is on the planet? It is not the minerals that we take from our planet and abuse. The most precious asset on this planet is our youth. We all need to get involved in saving our youth. They are our future. We should help them develop the values they need to be successful.

Values are usually taught in the home. These values are a life lesson for the young and the old. We all carry these values all throughout life and most of us practice them everyday. Here’s my value code:

Honesty. I will be an honest person.

Respect. I am respectful of others and myself.

Self control. I will control my actions and words.

Self-knowledge. I will pursue knowledge of myself and further my education.

Concern for others. I will do for others as I would do for myself.

My job. I will take pride in my work.

I will always have faith and love. Family will always be in my heart and

It is your responsibility as a parent or guardian to get involved in your child’s education. Go to a school meeting. Volunteer for a school event. Let your children see that you are concerned in what they are doing. P.S. Never, never let your children disrespect you! Thank you.

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