Save and help the caravan of people coming to our border

An areal view of thousands of Central Americans filling the Guatemala Border Bridge.


During my lifetime, I have experienced homelessness, floods, hurricanes, and wars. But I can’t believe what I’m seeing now. Using pepper spray on migrant families including women and children is not OK!   

Is this real and happening? Yes, it is. But living with nothing is something many people deal with on a daily basis in the U.S. I am talking about the homeless poor people going through poverty and suffering each day. 

No one should be punished for fleeing from poverty and crime. I would rather climb a wall with my family than risk having my family suffer in my country. Everyone agrees these migrants are fleeing for a better life. 

How can anyone still be a Trump supporter and not feel like a pathetic tool? This will forever boggle my mind! If Donald Trump is representative of the conservative American cultural, moral and religious norms, then this country is going to hell. Thanks, but no thanks. 

Just like Daily Signal columnist Dennis Prager said, Americans are actually in the midst of the Second Civil War. We have to find America’s middle. 

Activist Sunsara Taylor, who is vocal in the Refuse Fascism movement, has said the U.S. has no right to talk about protecting borders when it’s done so much harm itself. It’s started unjust wars across the world, used weapons, and backed coups. Politicizing what these migrants are going through is just so stupid and cowardly from all parties involved. A better solution should have been found way back before this chaotic mess was made. 

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