The True Trinity

Michael Lee Matthews

As man travels to and fro, there’s one question everyone wants to know:
Are you a believer – yes or no? The end of days is near, you know.

Christians say for only they shall see the Son,
And in the Afterlife they will be the only ones.
Jews say for they are the Lord’s people and His promise is true.
His light is only to see them through.
Muslims say mostly to pray,
And surely the Lord will give you better days.

For their words tell them all of Judgment Day
When the Lord sees who follows his ways.
Could it be that all three are right and wrong,
With the Evil one stringing them along?
The biggest trick he ever played –
To make each man think his Lord isn’t one in the same.

For if only you could see
In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam the true trinity.
For the Lord is One Who will always be.
Judaism, His Holy Spirit: all three praising One.
And when they, the
true followers meet,
the first day greeting
will be peace.

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