Proposal to Reinstitute the Draft

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1. All persons must register.
2. Members of the federal, state and city governments and their families are not exempt unless they are in service for the nation.
3. Undocumented workers must serve at least five years and accept counseling for citizenship and employment/career development.
4. All citizens must serve at least two years in either environmental work or draft services. All must go through basic military training.
5. Handicapped workers must accept counseling toward maximizing their life potential.
6. All able individuals must attend basic training. This is a draft to ameliorate the seriousness of the privilege of being here in these United States of America and to make all individuals accountable.

Incarcerated individuals who are not serving a life sentence could be extended an opportunity to serve in the armed forces or environmental/disaster service. They could receive education or training in a viable skill. All first-time individuals should be given two experiences. Possibilities present themselves in films like The Shawshank Redemption and a weekend television report that showed prisoners in a N.Y. prison system taking college courses with a local university professor.

With the time they had available, the inmates felt challenged to really press the knowledge of their professor, and the professor was challenged in answering their questions. Quite a few of these inmates earned advanced liberal arts degrees and they gained very good employment after the term of service was compiled.

Additionally, prisoners without possibility of parole should be encouraged to develop themselves to become scholars for the benefit of the inmate population.

Prior to their sentencing for a crime committed, including sentencing that could result in lifetime commitment to prison and/or death, prisoners might have access to the enlightened attitude of families of victims who would adopt offenders (with close government supervision) in a desire to attempt reconciliation and redemption of the offenders. This writer invites comments.

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