Recipe: One of Many

A photograph of prime ribs.

Nukelar Burrito / Flickr


Combine cayenne pepper, real smoked BBQ sauce, honey to taste, 2 tablespoons mustard and a pinch of soy sauce. Baste ribs with this mixture as they cook.

Then combine plain ketchup, mayo and sugar. Braise ribs as they cook, mixing with butter already melted in the pan.


First get prime ribs, beef or pork, and at least 1 stick of butter and cayenne pepper. Soak the meat in garlic powder, some pepper, lemon, salt, raw honey, and hot water for about an hour. Then add meat tenderizer, and a pinch of orange zest. Add Old Bay seasoning and a white or red onion(s). You can also use your own sauce and or “doctor” it up.

After boiling for up to 1 hour and tenderizing for 40 minutes, add 4 tablespoons of honey, a half serving (cup) and 4 tablespoons of brown sugar. You want the meat to be succulent and tasty. Boil this and let cool.

Now put the oven on 350 degrees and place trays of ribs in pans(s). Add almost a full stick of butter to each pan used. Put back in oven and let this cook for 1 hour. Cut the onion, yellow pepper and tablespoon of cayenne pepper.

Add vegetable and cayenne mix to rib trays, turn down the heat to 200 and continue cooking for another hour.

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