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Really there are only two things that are yours: your time and your vision. You can spend your time or you can waste your time. My advice is that you invest your time in something that feeds your heart.

Usually, better advice comes from those older than you. I recommend “The Five Secrets,” by John Izzo, Ph.D., that you must discover before you die. In my not-so-humble opinion, it is one of the better books on this broad subject. The elders may inform your heart in ways that your peers, and perhaps some of the teachers and experts, only inform your mind. There are many frustrated moneymakers, beautiful people, and accomplished, so-called “successful people” who die unfulfilled because in time they have found that their heart wasn’t “in it”. To have it disappear under “five finger discount.”

Let’s just say that I fall under many labels including church, home, family, transportation, entertainment, etc.. I have worst friends, and wonderful enemies. I can’t pay my worst friends to consume things that my best enemies steal. During this time of social media, I can’t get ahead of the social current, trying to get upstream. Fortunately, there are some people, quite unknown, that act only when necessary. Either they indicate what I need by pointing at it, or putting it in my hand.

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