Racism in America

A sign with a picture of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the words "This was not my dream"

Loco Steve // Flickr

I write about people of color because I am a person of color. I was born and raised in poor black America. The American black man knows firsthand about terror and racism, imposed by the American white man. We are like the people in Syria, or the Jews who were terrorized by Hitler.
If we are not careful, what has happened in Syria will happen here. Mr. Trump is the perfect example of a real racist white man. We have some black football players who could solve some of our poverty and homelessness problems, in one day’s time.
God tells us to be patient and trust him and I believe he will rescue us. The word of God says, “You reap what you sow.” Killing each other and going to prison is not the answer. We have to love one another.

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