Questions About Black Poverty 

A man sits and reflects by water.

A man sits and reflects by water. Image by Brian Merrill from Pixabay

I was never one to play the race game in life. I always have believed that if you are honest, work hard and play smart you will fulfill your dreams. 

However, I became disturbed when I became homeless and noticed most of the homeless in Washington D.C. were black. 

I became curious how and why this was happening why there were so many homeless in Washington. Like any investigator I started talking to the homeless in the parks. Many were veterans who been in battle and were shell-shocked from trauma. Mr. President if you ever read this article please take notice. Hundreds of the homeless are veterans who are told they aren’t any good. To see them sleeping on park benches is disgraceful in my view. 

My anger continued to build when I tried to enter the workplace in Washington. I tried to fill out many applications only to be met by foreign-speaking people who would not even review my applications. I never had a problem finding work in the Northeast but the job process in Washington in my view seem like pulling teeth to even get an interview. It’s no wonder so many homeless get discouraged from the workplace. 

The most depressing aspect of being homeless, however, was how many of the homeless, especially the black homeless, would not even attempt to work. In my view it only seemed they only wanted to smoke crack and drink beer. I didn’t want to be swallowed up by being around people who weren’t even trying. 

I didn’t want a life in soup lines arguing over a chicken wing, or getting into knife fights because someone wanted a dollar I got from selling a paper. I started questioning the black race. How did we get this crazy? 

I wanted out of that culture and decided to find a way. But I felt sad for those who try to get out and instead get left behind. 

Eric Holder said we are a nation of cowards. As a black man I believe we make too many excuses for those who don’t try. You can’t blame white America for a black man who has sex and doesn’t become a parent. We cannot blame white America for someone who knowingly robs and assaults someone for drug money. 

I think as a black man we don’t glorify the true black man. We glorify the gangster, the falsification of the thug and that lifestyle. 

Instead, we need to show more Obamas and their stories, show more black CEOs and successful businessmen. 

If we as a nation are going to come together economically, we must talk about responsibility and integrity instead of harping on past injustices. 

Jeffery sells and writes with enthusiasm. 

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