Pray for me 

Some are blessed, then forget with neglect, and turn their backs on those who have helped them. Good comes from one source. Negative energy comes from oneself . 

(So please pray for me) 

Willpower: we are born with it and carry it with us to later stages in life. Will is used in two ways. It is either positive or negative. (So please pray for me) 

We all use energy in good and bad ways. For some, it takes their financial and spiritual lives. People lose everything they have worked for all their life. Some are innocent when caught in the crossfire (So please pray for me) 

I’ve been misled since I can remember, on the hows and whens of this negative energy. Free will isn’t really free, it comes with a hell of a price. (So please pray for me) 

As you pray for me, my journey begins in an environment of will. Its users are positive or negative. How would I survive this miseducated, mentally abused, unaware child? (So please pray for me) 

Into this world, in search of light in the pure darkness of an abyss comes both the positive and negative use of will. It absorbs both, confusing the neglected virgin minds and hearts of children. (So please pray for me) 

I see and I absorb what I need first to survive. Then after survival, life takes what was shown me through time. What I’ve learned, I’ve used to build a lane of my own and an understanding of will. Will is two-faced. (So please pray for me) 

In this positive and negative world of will, users set things in place. In your lane you built just to decrease your pace, how will you use your will to overcome obstacles that others set in your way intentionally? A feeling arrives and knowing of this negative and positive use of will can influence its outcome. 

With a vision of a new road, one can come upon a different view, where the only way on to gois through it. My premonition is foolproof. No one is neglected. It is a road built on positivity. I now can see the light at the beginning and end of my road but the journey doesn’t end. (So please pray for me) 

As an immature child, I used my will in negative ways, Bars and chains were my obstacles. They stood in my way creating my own downfall, my own demise. I have cried more tears than I did as a newborn child yearning for his mother’s breast. (So please pray for me) 

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