Pimped by blood

To be brainwashed is a terrible thing, to tell one woman you love them and tell another woman the same thing. It’s not your religion or culture, you’re just a bigamist trying to be a pimp player, pleasing more than one woman. It’s just ridiculous. Feelings get hurt and you can end up losing your life. One man, one woman, children. 

Men, it’s necessary to be faithful to your wife. When you look at other women you should see nothing but your wife. It cuts out a lot of drama and living with guilt in your life. And when you’re walking down the street, a woman should always be on the inside in case a car jumps. An O.G. once told me that. 

And another tool — if a man picks you up and he’s driving, it’s a major plus, but always be a queen and he’ll open the door. If that man really loves you, he’ll do nothing to separate. 

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