People getting their paychecks and not doing their jobs 

I need a lawyer on my side or anyone who will help me sue my housing provider that doesn’t care about my health or me going to the emergency room. 

I’ve been in and out of hospitals for respiratory issues, and it’s not COVID-related. It’s due to nasty mice and roaches. The building tried to get rid of the mice. The mice still got into the apartment. I found a dead mouse. It made my apartment stink so bad. 

I still have the same broken refrigerator, and I have roaches inside the fridge. I have pictures of the roaches, too. The people in charge have seen the roaches, and they don’t care! They bought me a dirty stove full of roaches and now I have an apartment full of roaches and I can’t get rid of them at all. 

The roaches are causing me to have monthly to weekly flare-ups in my respiratory system. I stopped smoking months ago, so it has nothing to do with me smoking. It has to do with the people in charge of where I live not caring about my health issues. 

I told my case worker about the roaches in my apartment, and they told me I needed to clean my apartment. Funny, I don’t have dishes in my sink. I didn’t ask for a filthy stove. I replaced a stove that stopped working. 

This is why I’m asking for help from professionals and lawyers. I need help. And I’m not getting it from my housing provider at all! Please contact me through Street Sense Media if you can help. 

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