Pay It Forward

A vanity license plate that reads "PY1TFWD"

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This is a story of the Pay It Forward Project that was founded by two women, Denise Bobba and Wendy Farrell. 

“Paying it forward” means repaying favors by helping other people. The non-profit helps people around the world and all donations go to all who need help. Pay It Forward has no overhead; the women use their own money to pay for the office supplies for Pay It Forward. They work for a company called Airbus and they help with Pay It Forward. 

Denise and Wendy were inspired to start Pay It Forward by all the natural disasters like the tsunami in Asia and Hurricane Katrina. I met them almost two years ago. The Pay It Forward Project was founded in August of 2006. The Pay It Forward Project would like to help the homeless in this country. 

You can learn more at their websites, and Denise Bobba, the founder can be emailed at [email protected]. The co-founder Wendy Farrell and can be reached at [email protected]. 

The address for Pay It Forward is Pay It Forward Project P.O. Box 903 Ashburn VA. 20146. 

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