Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes is a great quarterback. He’s the next thing to Tom Brady. In fact, he played many great games before he ran into Brady. Mahomes played back-to back championships. He won a Superbowl, and I think he was the best quarterback that year next to Brady. I think he will be the greatest quarterback in the NFL.

He wins more than he loses, which is why I love to see him play. Coming out of college, he knew he was going to be good. He doesn’t get hurt as much as Brady did. He tried to beat Brady as often as he could, though he failed. I know he wanted to win another Superbowl, but he didn’t. I know he will try again.

Mahomes doesn’t throw all over the field like other quarterbacks, and sometimes he takes a lot of big hits. Coach Reid also loved to watch him play. I think Mahomes is the best quarterback that Reid’s ever had. Maybe Mahomes will be our future quarterback for years to come. It’s hard to win a Superbowl, but I think Mahomes will win two or three more.

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